Premium Terracotta Products

Premium Terracotta Products

Salruk Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd was established in 1987 as an idea that emerged to our founder, Lesley Senanayake due to his outgoing passion towards red clay. Initially having operations in the roofing tile industry, the company diversified into terra-cotta production in the year 1992 reaching international grounds. Salruk pioneers the Sri Lankan pottery industry as the manufacturers and exporters of high quality and modern enticed terra-cotta products. Currently we export to markets such as Maldives, Denmark, Canada and the UK. Salruk manufactures an extensive range of terracotta clay products for both indoor and outdoor use such as garden pots, cookware, serveware, water filters and dispensers, sculpture clay, wall tiles and ornamental pottery.  All our products are handmade by our well trained and skilled employees. Salruk is committed to provide superior quality products and facilitate customized designs for our valued customers. Our products are of modern designs and styles to indulge a myriad of customer tastes & preferences.

Three decades of operational excellence has earned us a plethora of valued customers such as Sanken Overseas, Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts, Ceylon Tobacco Company, Sun Siyam Resorts and Kemin Exports to mention a few. Salruk is built  upon the values of Finest Quality, Handmade with Care, Modern Designs and customization and Environmental Friendliness. The artistic design team of Salruk facilitates various customised designs of our clients satisfying their artisanal pottery requirement. 

The journey embarked on adding superior value to the most unique and celebrated crafts in Sri Lanka was once awarded by the National Crafts Council in 1995 and Salruk terracotta water filter was recognized as one of the best products by SUNFO in celebration of International Water Day 2021. As a good market certified company, Salruk aims to provide its customers the most environmentally friendly products that are durable and economical.

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Leslie Senanayake

“Salruk emerged as an inspiration to deliver quality and value to the most precious artisanal craft of tropical Sri Lanka. The vision I wanted to realize through Salruk is to deliver a premium quality terracotta product that satisfy all the stakeholders, specifically the end user. Sri Lanka is not adequately harnessing the plethora of opportunities terracotta possesses in the global market. Hence, Salruk believes in providing the best for its customers ensuring the societal and environmental sustainability.Quality is our utmost priority. Salruk has been distinctively recognised for the quality it maintains for all its products and customer service deliverables. We are focused on facilitating diverse customer requirements in the arena of terracotta, hence I sincerely invite all of you to go through our massive range of products and share your feedback”

Our Factory

Our Factory

Our main factory commenced in the year xxx is located at Thambakanda with close proximity to Makandura industrial zone. The factory built in with a 10,000 sq. ft area surface has a kiln of xx capacity. A diverse range of products including large pots, clay water filters, clay wall tiles and customised ornamental pottery are manufactured at our main factory. Salruk prioritizes recruitment of the staff from the neighbourhood with an aspiration to enhance their livelihood. Our employees are our strength that provide their fullest commitment in delivering a finest product to our customers. on- the-job training and other benefits are provided to our staff to strengthen their living standards.